A Fresh Start

So a new year, a new edition, and a new army.  I normally play Blood Angels but I’ve had massive success with them at the store I usually go to so I’ve decided to label the army a complete project.  Time to try something new.  Admittedly I will miss the overwhelming power of my Death Company but all good things must come to an end.  So in anticipation of the new Space Marine codex being released in October (on my birthday, incidentally) I decided to get the Assault on Black Reach box set, especially since it had Ork bits for conversion (need trophies after all, I reserve a particular hatred for Orks that only Space Marine players have) and the 5th Edition rulebook, which I am sorely lacking at the moment.  What chapter these Marines will be, I have not decided yet.  Overall the box set is an incredibly good deal but there are some parts of it that, as a fairly seasoned Marine player, make me want to cry inside.

First of all, the Dreadnought has only one faceplate.  Its arm is a Heavy Flamer and cannot therefore be replaced with the superior Assault Cannon.  The only special weapon available to the Tactical Marines is the Flamer, long considered to be one of the most useless weapons in the game for that particular unit.  It also makes me a little sad that the Terminators don’t get any special weapons either.  Having gotten all of that off my chest, I will now go on to say that I do realise that I cannot expect too much out of a box set, and that the box set is a fantastic deal already.  I can hardly complain.  The special weapon isn’t too much of an issue but the Dreadnought thing might be a little more irritating.  As you can see from how much time I spent griping about it, my complaints are minimal and most of them can be easily addressed with a little bit of conversion work so overall I’m quite pleased with the money I spent.

Time will tell what else I add to my army but first I have to pick out a Chapter to specialise in.  It can be any colour as long as it’s not red.  I think I’ve had it up to here with painting red, what with Blood Angels being my main army and Blood Ravens being my main army before that.  Before that it was Thousand Sons, back in 4th Edition.


~ by Teabee on September 12, 2008.

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