Legend of Dragoon

I recently managed to get it working again.  My PS1 burned out long ago but thanks to the miracle of technology I’ve been able to get it working again.  The nostalgia factor is pretty big in this case, I played the game when I was just a kid and really loved it back then.  Everything was just so cool, the visuals, the combat system, the story.  Some of the music was pretty good too.  Now that I’m so much older I was interested to see if the game would be as good as I remembered it and I’m pleased to say that it remains pretty much unchanged in my esteem.  Granted the character development and stuff is not what I would call high art but that has never been a major problem for me in terms of video games.  I tend to overlook the fact that the story is a little less than brilliant if the gameplay and graphics are good, they compensate a little.  While its been fun, playing Legend of Dragoon again has made me realise, with a pang of regret, all the RPGs that I missed out on because I didn’t get a PS2 back in the day.  All the new Final Fantasy games, for one, and then there is Disgaea and Persona, which I keep hearing so much about.  Shadow Hearts and Tales of Legendia (as well as the other Tales games) come to mind as well.  All because I succumbed to the lure of Super Smash Bros Melee and got a Gamecube.  They say you can’t live a life of regret but I always feel that there were times in my life that, given the chance, I could have done so much better.  Is that the same as regret?  I can’t say I dwell on it though, I’m just glad to still have my appreciation for a great game.

On a completely unrelated note, the OST for Deathsmiles is a thing of beauty.  It is pretty much the epitome of gothic fantasy music in a shmup, I can’t think of any other that fits the genre so well.  The Castlevania music might but seeing as how I’ve never played Castlevania, I will acknowledge that my understanding of the subject is pretty limited.  However with my limited understanding I will say this: Deathsmiles ftw.


~ by Teabee on September 21, 2008.

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