God Bless the PS1

You know, whenever I go back to those PS1 games it never ceases to surprise me how much I still like them.  I have a newfound appreciation for the PS1 after all this time…I miss it now.  Recently got my hands on a copy of Einhander and I’ve been playing that, it’s an interesting change of pace after Touhou, to shift gears to a shooter that is neither bullet hell nor sidescrolling.  I like to think of it as training for Deathsmiles, but even then it’s not terribly good training because the hitboxes are a bit different (i.e. in Einhander they encompass your whole ship).  So I’ve been getting my ass kicked up to and including Stage 3 but we live and learn.  I’m finding the boss’s attacks much easier to predict than any Touhou spellcard so I guess that’s nice.  In other news I have Xenogears and Parasite Eve again and once I finish the shooting madness I will go and retread that ground in my walk down memory lane.

In other news, I trust all of the anime fans among you have seen the series finale of Code Geass.  I thoroughly enjoyed it even if I could see the plot twist coming from a mile away.  Anyway, I’d say it was a fitting end to the series as a whole and featured Orange-kun working on…well…an orange plantation.  More surprising was the fact that Anya was also working on said orange plantation but the ending was more or less a happy one for everyone involved and ended on a good note.

Except for Lelouch.

While most of the loose ends were tied up there is still one point that remains unresolved: did the allegations of paedophillia against Li Xingke ever come to light?  Because if they didn’t I’m going to be most upset.  I used to respect Xingke as an interesting character and worthy opponent for Lelouch but…seriously…his demeanour took a turn for the worst.  I guess people are easily swayed by emotion, but the entire cast seemed so butthurt over the fact that Lelouch was “using” them.  Well I suppose I would be as well.  Anyway, it’s over now, so there’s only one more question I need to ask myself: what am I going to watch next?  Apparently there are several new series’ coming out in October.  I’ll be watching and waiting.


~ by Teabee on September 29, 2008.

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