My Eyes!

How they hurt so!  But it is a delicious ache!  I welcome it!  SOMEDAY YOU WILL BE MINE UTSUHO!

*Ahem* I’m sick.  I have some kind of cold or flu and it’s making everything in my body hurt.  There’s no point in missing school if you’re just going to be suffering all day at home.  Can’t play video games or anything.  I tried Subterranean Animism for the first time in a long time and got brutally raped by Orin.  Yeah…not a good thing to do when this writer is approaching the chapter where you get introduced to the story, Orin!  Yeah, becoming demotivated.  Can’t be bothered to work on Chapter 3 anymore, but I did get Chapter 2 done and posted.  Haven’t done much else since last time.  Must try and get through FFVIII.  Seriously.


~ by Teabee on October 21, 2008.

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