Children of the Emperor!

Death to His foes!

Some of you may recall (or not, I may not actually have mentioned it on this page) that I recently found out about a pre-Heresy campaign going on at my old local shop in London.  The Horus Heresy is a major inspiration for me in terms of both Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines, it is very common to see me playing an army based on one of the founding legions.  Not to be left out, I rushed to assemble a full army of the Emperor’s Children so that I would be ready for the coming day.  Going to sleep late, waking up at the crack of dawn, and finding to my delight that Games Workshop’s very own airbrush was now finally out after being recalled several months ago, I actually managed to have them painted to a decent standard.  Now that I have the basics of an army ready, I can focus on refining it for the continuing campaign.

After checking Lexicanum, I found that there were some new additions to the EC article, they actually had a battlefield doctrine that was deeper than ‘perfection in all pursuits’.  It is said that they would always endeavour to take to the field with cover from both heavy weapons and aerial support.  Aerial support would be given in the form of Land Speeders.  So, now that I know this, I’ve structured my army around a holy trinity of the Tactical Squad, the Devastator Squad, and the Land Speeder (there are a lot of holy trinities in 40k – Bolter, Flamer, and Melta is probably the one you’re most familiar with).  Land Speeders will provide a mobile screen that will distract and annoy the enemy as my tactical squads move into position while my Devastators hang back and shell the enemy from afar.  It sounds good in theory, but I’ll need to test it in a few battles first.  Now then, I have to go and buy some Land Speeders.

My paint scheme for Emperor’s Children:

Airbrush Hormagaunt Purple
Airbrush Warlock Purple
Airbrush Leviathan Purple
Drybrush Warlock Purple
Devlan Mud over Shining Gold (for the trim)
Badab Black over Boltgun Metal (for the bolters)
Mordian Blue (for the eyes)


~ by Teabee on October 22, 2008.

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