Say it with me people…

I.  O.  SYS.  Looks like we’re getting a new CD at the start of next month, the 9th Touhou album that has been produced by the circle.  I’m not aware of any conventions coming up on the day so anyone who could tell me what the occasion is would have my sincerest gratitude.

As is fitting for the (9)th Touhou Project album by IOSYS, the cover art and indeed the entire album appears to have a Cirno theme to it.  The songs appear to be exclusively remixes of her theme, Beloved Tomboyish Daughter, and the first preview flash has already been uploaded (  Looks like it’s going to be fun, along with the usual amount of praise from the fandom and venom from the anti-fans.  For those who don’t know, IOSYS is the object of one of the most sharply divided opinions of anything in the english Touhou fanbase, along with Mima and Yukkuris.  I personally like their songs beyond the meme-generating ones, their resident singer miko has ability and talent, and their remixes can be funny and catchy at the same time.  Although they tend towards electro they are not afraid to branch out into other genres as well, much like myself (though I prefer hard rock and heavy metal personally), and the chaos of some of their songs appeals to me greatly.  Already the one preview song I’ve seen is starting to grow on me and is infecting me with its catchiness…damnit.

In other news, I have become absolutely hooked on Strawberry Crisis!!, Yumemi’s theme from Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream.  I love the Yumemi fanart I’ve seen so far and I love the interesting duality of a scientist who seeks to prove the existence of magic and who uses crosses with inlaid pentagrams as danmaku.  Progress on Corners of a Third Eye is going…not so well.  I haven’t accomplished anything beyond the two chapters I’ve already posted on  Just go search for it if you really want to read it, I don’t mind as long as I don’t receive torrents of empty flaming.

Long life and blessed be.



~ by Teabee on October 26, 2008.

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