A GM’s Duty

A strange thing happened to me today.  I logged on to IRC only to receive an automatic message telling me to post in one of the RPs I’m running.  I jumped in shock at first but goddamnit, I have to respect players who go this far towards trying to get me to move my lazy ass and do some work.  Sadly for them, I can’t do it right now, I have to study for my exam.  But an RP takes work on the part of both the players and the GMs in order to make sure that both of them are doing their job.  I’ll have to reward them for their hard work and dedication.

Things I’ve accomplished today…I decided on an army to play in Warhammer Fantasy Battles finally.  Daemons are the only army that really captures my interest at the moment and more specifically Tzeentchian daemons.  However, I’m experiencing a bit of a morality crisis in that regard.  I like to win but not unless I feel that my opponent had an equal chance of doing the same.  The internet and my own personal calculations, backed up by personal experience of the army in action (albeit in a mixed and diluted form) have convinced me that a pure Tzeentchian daemon army is unfairly powerful.  Considering the amount of magical power you’re able to hurl around when each of your basic troop units counts as a wizard in its own right, you can pretty much obliterate anything that comes into range with sheer arcane power.  As much as I am a fluff player at heart, when battle is joined I will not do things that jepoardize my chances of victory so I’m not going to play this army in a way contrary to the way it was meant.

What this means for me is that the project (and thus another attempt to get into Fantasy) could be ruined before it even starts.  The way I see it, the army focuses heavily on domination of one phase, magic, and possibly shooting although I have only two units that provide a real threat in that area, while being weak in the movement and close combat phases.  I feel that I will be destroyed by armies with superior mobility and hard-hitting cavalry units like knights.  On the other hand, given the volume of magic missiles I will be throwing out, the knights might not even get a chance to charge me.  I really don’t know what to do.  Besides not casting Flickering Fire of Tzeentch every turn, I don’t see how I could make this army any less harsh, especially when all of my regular opponents are such nice people.  Perhaps if I limit the number of Heralds…


~ by Teabee on October 27, 2008.

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