Kara no Kyoukai

So I’ve recently started watching the OVAs, and I have thus far been impressed with the production and presentation, although I have never read the original works but I cannot help but think that this is probably a good adaptation.  I will have to go and read it first before I actually give that judgement, and watch the rest of the OVAs as they come out, but I will say that the fight scene at the end of Overlooking View was the closest I’ve seen to a perfect fusion of music and animation.  It was a thing of beauty.  Even if Ryougi Shiki is just an overpowered cheating heartless emotionless *****.  Well her character isn’t annoying to me so that’s definitely a plus.  I look forward to seeing the upcoming ones, definitely.

I think I will also take this time to relate an experience on one of the roleplaying communities I frequent.  The names will of course be changed in order to protect the innocent but anyone from the sites in question should immediately know who I’m talking about.  I realise that I’m taking a risk by doing this but I promise you that you will never find any falsehood or malice in the stories I relate here, just my honest opinions.  If you take offense and want to take it up with me, you are quite free to do so in private, you know where to find me.

It is easy to tell when a person is more used to being a player than a GM.  In a way, freeform RP is about both sides working together in order to tell a story.  However, it’s up to the GM to side where the story will begin and to determine the results of the players’ actions, so while you could GM a scene as if you were a player and still be telling the story, you wouldn’t be giving anyone else any handholds to cling onto.  Our site is running a Warhammer 40,000 RP and we haven’t been told anything about the plot other than the fact that the world we are on is in a panic and that the forces of Chaos have gained control of over half the facilities in our area.  The GM then created a thread after seeing our character sheets and began with an action post for his own character.  There are three main problems with this approach.

1. It doesn’t set the scene very well.

2. It does not establish what our relationship is to the GM-controlled NPC

3. We are left not knowing where to go or what we are meant to do.

Now I can only assume at this point that what we are meant to do at this point is begin RPing from a point of our choosing and somehow make our way to a point that has not yet become apparent, where we will be briefed on our mission.  It is becoming increasingly unlikely, from the looks of it, that we will be able to reach any such point in a believable manner because we have nothing that ties us together or someone that will rally us.  The GM is going to have to pull some strings in order to get us to go where he wants us to and that is never a good thing.  Now, I’m not saying that this RP is doomed to fail but it is off to a rocky start.  I hope that we can overcome these initial problems and have an enjoyable story.  Nothing is lost at this point, I just attribute our current situation to lack of experience.  He just needs more practice.


~ by Teabee on November 15, 2008.

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