Touhou Bubbling Underground

Orin Thriller is god tier.  That is all.

Okay, so…album provided courtesy of Mediafire and now I that I’ve listened to the album here are my first impressions.

Like I said before, it’s every bit as zany as we’ve come to expect from an IOSYS album and has a reasonable variety of different styles represented as well as a fair few guest arrangements as well.  As the first track is an intro that I can’t understand to save my life, I’ll be skipping over it which leads us to number two, ecstasy masochistic.  I assume from the title it’s a play on the Tenshi-is-a-masochist meme (I don’t understand Japanese sadly) but that aside it is one of my favorite tracks on the album.  I haven’t heard many arrangements of Wonderful Heaven before but this is damn good.  Gensokyo Ecstasy Underground is fairly forgettable but since I like Tenshi’s themes I’ll give it a few more listens before I discard it entirely.  I’m not entirely sure about saturday night fish girl either, I couldn’t really hear the original theme at all which is a shame because Iku’s theme is one of my favorite songs off SWR.  Then we have a comedy track featuring the Moriya household, which I will skip over because I don’t get it.

It’s a nice breather though and goes straight into That DJ lets the depths of the earth quake, which is about the most insane track on the album.  I would rank it below Border of extacy and the Lunatic Udongein series in terms of overall insanity though, which I find disappointing because I know IOSYS can do so much better.  The track’s not bad though.  The Satori song afterwards is really disappointing, especially after hearing =NeutraL=’s arrangement but it is a different style as well, I can’t really compare them and I wasn’t concentrating too hard at that point so I may have to give it another listen before truly passing judgement.  The next song, an arrangement of Orin’s theme, will be famous before long though.  You heard it hear first.  This song is god tier.  Just listen to it and you will know why.

The melancholy of mountain administration officer Kotiya is a pretty neat Sanae arrange as well as MoF stage 5.  Nice to see some of the rock-style tracks coming back after the Cirno album.  While it wasn’t bad, I kinda missed the IOSYS rock songs because they’re among my favorites.  Phantasmagoria mystical expectation, Border of Death, and Flower of the Sun off of Souyushinpi have demonstrated that they can do really nice rock arranges when they want to, even when the song is not a guest arrange by Innocent Key.  The end is where the album starts to run out of steam though, I didn’t find any of the other tracks to be major standouts, although the last one was a fairly strong finish and it sounds like they redoubled their efforts.  Note to self: find a copy of the Silent Sinner in Blue OST so I can hear the original of Track 14.

So the 10th IOSYS Touhou arrange album comes to a close and it has been pretty good overall.  If I had to give it a rating, it’d be a 7/10 but keep in mind that there are very few albums in general that I’d rate as a 9 or 10 since many tend to have two or three songs that I like and the rest I want to throw out.  10 would be something like Blind Guardian’s Nightfall in Middle Earth.  So, having added that disclaimer, Touhou Bubbling Underground is pretty good.  Could this be an end to the bad spot that IOSYS has found themselve in?  Here’s to hoping for a good Reitaisai release!

(All track titles provided by Touhou Wiki)


~ by Teabee on December 29, 2008.

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