Other Gems from Comiket: Music

Well, after 16 cumulative hours on the plane I’m finally back in wintry and freezing Guildford.  I’ve still got a few more good hours before the jetlag kicks in and forces me to collapse into unconsciousness so I figured I’d take the opportunity to review some more stuff from Comiket.  In particular I’ll be focusing on music this time, since I managed to get a fair bit of it to fill in the hours when I wasn’t eating or watching movies.  For some reason I can never really get to sleep on planes anymore.

So I picked a few of my favorite tracks off the trio of albums by the most well known electronica circles in the Touhou fandom.  So far I have nothing but good things to say about the arrangements on Trois Rouge and Trois Noir.  REDALiCE of course makes Trois Noir awesome with a remix of Masayoshi Minoshima’s Bad Apple!!.  Rapture, E Rouge, and Resonance Effects are standouts from Trois Rouge, and Tsukasa from Sound Online contributes a neat remix from Fanatic Hardcore Red Label as well as a Voyage 1969 arrangement which is really good.  As for Trois Noir, there is the aforementioned remix of Bad Apple!! but also a very nice Last Remote arrangement and once again more Tsukasa goodness.  I never really paid much attention to Sound Online before but all of the Tsukasa stuff on the other two albums has been good so far, so Trois Bleu is definitely going to be worth investigating.  Strangely enough, I don’t usually listen to much electronica apart from Fanatic Hardcore Black Label but these three albums in particular have been able to grab me.  I tried to listen my way through all of the recent ALiCE’S EMOTiON and Alstroemeria releases but none of them have really done it for me in the same way.  So yeah, I think this release is pretty solid and fans will be happy.

The other thing of note to me was a new CROW’SCLAW album and this could on mean one thing: Puppet of the Magus, Pt. 2!  Wait, there’s a Pt. 3 too?!  Ohshi-  This is awesome!  Extra goodness comes in the form of a rearrangement for the main IaMP theme, which I have become totally obsessed with even though it doesn’t really change anything and is essentially playing the song’s melody on guitars.  For me it just works though, and though I never really paid attention to the IaMP music before but this may force me to reconsider.

Yup, still listening obsessively to Orin Thriller.  And the Tenshi masochist song.


~ by Teabee on January 4, 2009.

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