Things I can’t do

Why is it that the supposedly fun factions are able to get away with so much?  Take Orks in Warhammer 40k for example.  They’re a riot to play.  Charge straight at the enemy, howling and hooting and then grind them into dust in close combat.  Shooting?  Bah, shooting is for cowards and filthmongers or something like that.  If I pit two equally abusive armies against each other and one of them was Orks, anyone who was walking by would say the Ork army was awesome.  Yeah, awesomely beardy maybe.  But they’re fun!  The person who’s playing them couldn’t possibly be an ass, could they?  Whereas the Space Marines across the table are incredibly filthy, sick, disgusting, whatever.

Let’s take a Hordes example.  Trolls and their goddamn Brick army build, one of the toughest things in Hordes or Warmachine for the average player to crack, but Trolls are the fun army of Hordes.  Straightforward, cuts out the crap, is badass in the background with their heroic struggle and all that crap.  But I get flak for playing Legion all the goddamn time!  I can’t even tell how much of it is a joke anymore and how much people seriously hate Legion.  To play the Legion of Everblight is to walk a lonely road without sympathy.  Seriously, fuck wargames.  I’m starting to see why competitive players feel so hard done by and I just want to win for the pride and honour that comes from a well-fought battle.

I’ve bitched enough.  I’m going to bed.  I should create a tag for meaningless rants or something XD


~ by Teabee on January 21, 2009.

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