Smooooch with Mokou, China and Patchy

These smooooch videos have gained a bit of a following recently, and this was only just brought to my attention even though its been on Youtube for a week already.  Apparently the song is from Beatmania IIDX and is pretty catchy in its own right.  God knows I could use something a little different after the 500th Get Down! video, although that was a pretty damn funny meme.  Walfas did it best though. But I digress, this video features Mokou, Hong Meiling and Patchouli.  Honestly I don’t like it as much as the other two (smoooochireiden and smoooochen), it doesn’t have that same sense of connectedness, and China and Patchy seem like they’re just there because the maker wanted to put in some random characters.  It would probably have made more sense with Remilia in the middle but then inevitably a creator would want to include Sakuya.  Anyway, that’s not important – what’s important is that the characters used in this one seem arbitrary and that smoooochireiden is still the best.


~ by Teabee on January 31, 2009.

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