To Aru Majutsu no Index 17 – BAD END

I don’t ever want to admit it, but all good things must of course come to an end.  Episode 17 saw the conclusion of the current story arc and probably the beginning of a new one that will be good for another 3 episodes at the very least.  I would have to say that the wrap-up was not the greatest compared to how the rest of the story arc was written – a lot of stuff just seemed to happen too fast and they I cut a few corners with that longwinded explanation by Kanzaki.  The fusion of eastern and western magic and mythology continues to be pretty cool though, and as far as that goes I was satisfied.  Speaking of endings, I guess we won’t be seeing miss stripperific Russian bondage mage again after this.


Ha ha…  Well, on the bright side, Tsuchimikado turned out to be pretty cool in the end.  In terms of winding down the action after the climax they did well and we’re all set for a new story arc.  Judging from the way the anime has been following the plot of the novels I’m guessing it’s going to be another arc with that goddamn Accelerator and Biribiri :(.  Not that I particularly mind but I hope I don’t get too bored.  Kinda makes me wonder, say, how far will they get in terms of the light novels?  Will there be a second season?  If not, how are they going to wrap everything up?  Are they going to wrap anything up at all?

None of the good stuff with regards to Necessarius and Index herself happens until much later in the series.  They’re not going to get there and that makes me sad.  Seriously, for an anime called To Aru Majutsu no Index, the titular character is conspicuously absent from most of the action.

Because I can’t wait for Eclipse I decided to check out AoShen’s subs.  They’re pretty good, at the very least they have a good sense of quality control unlike some other groups whose subs are riddled with literal translations and bad English grammar (localisation people, come on, it’s important!).  They also have access to High Def RAWs, which is kinda rare among speed subbing groups, at least in my experience.  I have to say though, there were some pretty glaring eyesores:


Seriously guys.  Not cool.  But otherwise it was very good, and I look forward to having a side-by-side comparison with the Eclipse subs.

Oh yeah before I forget, there was a new OP as well.  Not as good as PSI-Missing unfortunately – it wasn’t a bad song but just didn’t rock my world in the same way.  Sounded pretty standard to me.  Oh, and for those who care about such things the new Rakkyo has been out for awhile and I’m just waiting on the Shinsen subs.  Am tempted to try gg though, they’re a safe option if nothing else.


~ by Teabee on February 1, 2009.

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