Rakkyo 5 – <3

I love Kara no Kyoukai.  Very rarely do I get all gushy and emotional over a single series but really the way they fuse realism and anime style makes Nasu’s vision come to life in a way you don’t often see in anime.  It’s kinda the same art style that was used for the Tsukihime and Fate/stay night animes but at the same time it has definitely evolved, ufotable does it much better than those other two series’ and because it’s being divided into feature-length OVAs rather than a persistent series there is more time and resources allocated to production values.  It really pays off, rarely will I call something truly awesome or beautiful in the same way I do for Kara no Kyoukai.

But enough gushing.  I really liked Paradox Spiral – the nature of the plot was confusing at first because of the way it was arranged but it did all make sense to me at the end and tied up all of the loose ends rather nicely.  A little more insight into Touko’s past and a small bone was thrown in the sense that Miss Blue gets referenced, a long with hints as to why their relations are strained.  I don’t think Cornelius’ motivations were explained well enough and to be perfectly honest the whole idea of the counter force has always confused me.  Maybe it’s because I’ve never read the side materials but after spending countless hours pondering the nature of Archer, Primate Murder and other such beings I still don’t get the point.

The one character I think they got spot on was Araya Souren, in terms of acting and in terms of script.  Whoever was voicing him did a very good job and bridged a certain…gap between this and other Type-MOON works.  In a way, Souren can be seen as a prototype version of Kotomine and has many of the same motivations, if not necessarily the same past.  They also both have a similar incredibly deep voice and unshakeable calm no matter what the situation is.  I also noticed a bit of Emiya Kiritsugu in his personality as well – Nasu may have split Souren off into two separate characters for Fate/stay night or something, I don’t know.  I won’t claim to know anything about what he was thinking.

There were a few touching moments too, Enjou Tomoe really struck a chord in my heart as a character.  It would have been very easy to make me not care about him and hope for him to die soon but he just…didn’t.  He managed to be gripping; I see a lot of Heaven’s Feel Shirou in him.  The seiyuu for Shiki also seems to be fitting into the role quite well, managing to portray a wider range of emotions while still having that cold and collected air about her.  Oh, and I got to see Kuji Kanesada which I’m happy about.  I saw it in Battle Moon Wars and wasn’t sure how Ryougi came to know about it.

I still have a lot to learn about the Type-MOON universe in general.  But I’m glad I’m watching Rakkyo now, I start to see a lot of the parallels and it makes the experience that much more interesting.

School got cancelled again tomorrow.  Snow is awesome.  But it fucks up my plans for the rest of the week, I really wanted to go to a friend’s birthday celebration…



~ by Teabee on February 3, 2009.

2 Responses to “Rakkyo 5 – <3”

  1. the CV of Souren and Kotomine is a same person, which is Jyoji Nakata and hell yeah, he did a great job.

  2. Counter Forces are pretty simple.

    There are two types of counter force, one that will protect the world as a planet called Gaia, and one that will protect human as a whole called Alaya (or Arayashiki).

    Alaya is a collective will of human that want to survive as a whole. When something (someone) threatens survival of humanity, Alaya react by sending beasts of Alaya a.k.a. the Counter Guardians (such as EMIYA). The Counter Guardians will wipe all threats of humanity away.

    For Gaia, it is the will of the planet (Earth) that try to stay beautiful. When something (or someone) threatens to destroy the planet (different from destroy human, as human can still exist even the planet die), the counter force know as Beasts of Gaia react and destroy that threat. Shinso (True Ancestors) are also created to protect the planet from Gaia. Gaia saw and feared that human will one day kill the planet so they create True Ancestor to control them (which in the end they fail because of one single human).

    Gaia and Alaya are not the same thing. They can also go against other. If humanity will survived by destroying the planet (exhaust planet resource or energy) or vice versa, then Alaya and Gaia will go against each other. But right now, protecting humanity are still quite close to protecting the world, so the force are still complement each other.

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