The past few days have been a whirlwind for me.  Went to the club on Tuesday but didn’t really manage to play any games.  Missed the train and crashed at a friend’s on Wednesday, played World of Warcraft until my eyes fell out and reached Level 40 for the first time ever, then played some Hordes and won, and got to do a little bit of thinking about the new War of the Ring rules system that Games Workshop is producing.  I’ll cover that in a later entry since I’m pretty excited about it.

Last night was the best sleep I’ve had in days, between hangovers and physical tiredness – the only way this could have been worse is if it was actually for work instead of play…  Got through watching Interstella 555, which I haven’t seen in ages, and my mind sorta went back to the first time I listened to Daft Punk’s album Discovery.  I really didn’t like it at the time, found it boring and repetitive without being catchy in the way my favorite Touhou electronica remixes are.  The experience really is different when you see a visualisation though, it really is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  When the songs have meaning suddenly they don’t sound so bad and it’s really quite nice.

If I can be honest, I have very little respect for ‘art’ and people who like ‘artsy’ things.  Everyone I have associated with that fits this description has used it as an excuse to look down on others and that I cannot allow.  People looking down on me pisses me off.  But Interstella 555 is objectively good – I really dislike Daft Punk but still enjoy the movie.  I didn’t think there was any such thing but having experienced it personally I’m more than happy to agree.


~ by Teabee on February 7, 2009.

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