To Aru Majutsu no Index 20

Hooray, and so we come to the end of the Last Order and Accelerator story arc.  I enjoyed this one, which is a little weird because I don’t normally go for really slow-paced animes that aren’t comedy or slice of life.  I guess it was interesting to see that Accelerator is not just a one-dimensional dickhead and the fact that he went out of his way to save the kid while still acknowledging that he is an asshole is something I really like about the way his character developed.  As I see it he’s not “nice” but neither is he boring anymore.  Anyway, time for a new story arc and this one involves Touma and the rest of the gang returning to the mix once again.  It seems like Himegami will be making a reappearance, which is pretty cool, I thought she was a funny and underused character, and the whole plotline involving her was pretty interesting.  No idea what it’s about though just from looking at Wikipedia and I can’t be bothered to learn Japanese just to read the light novels and find out.  Well I have to trust that they will find a way to wind up the series as it’s apparently only slated for 24 episodes.  Second season, maybe?  They’re just starting to get to the good stuff with Necessarius and God’s Right Seat.  Well, they’ll never get there now but it sounded interesting.

Anyway don’t believe everything you read on Wikipedia.

Oh yeah, they have a new ED now, it was nice and soothing, which I suppose is appropriate for a quiet and soothing ending like this.  I’m not sure how it will reconcile with future story arcs though, unless they’re all going to be slow paced and soothing.  Somehow I doubt that.  I don’t really have any opinion on the song itself, it’s not awful or painful to listen to.  I prefer the old ED.

Life sucks, no job, etc.


~ by Teabee on February 22, 2009.

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