Let’s talk about IOSYS

Yup, it’s that time of year again folks.  The moment we’ve all been eagerly awaiting!  *drumroll*  It’s the 6th Hakurei Shrine Reitaisai!  YEAH!!!  I’m really charged up about this one and all the doujins and music we’ll be getting this time ’round.  No news from ZUN about any demo for Touhou 12 and word on the internet is that he’s taking a break from it for awhile, so I’m not getting my hopes up about it.  What I am getting my hopes up about is this:


Yup, it’s a new arrange album from everyone’s favorite (or least favorite) group IOSYS.  The crossfade and the first preview flash just went up on the album’s website if you’d like to take a look.  From the sounds of things this is a very relaxed sort of album compared to their previous works.  Gone is the insanity that was the Lunatic Udongein and Border of exctacy, and instead we’ve got guest artists EVERYWHERE and all sorts of swing jazz and stuff I’ve never heard from IOSYS before.  I’m really liking the sound of that orchestral arrange of Nuclear Fusion, and IOSYS’ most well-known vocalist seems to have moved away from what I like to call bubblegum singing and is doing something a bit more normal now.

I never really was a fan of swing or jazz or any combination thereof but that song is pretty catchy.  Everyone who’s been into the Touhou fandom for a decent amount of time will recognise the voice of Beat-Mario from COOL&CREATE, whom I happen to think is a pretty good singer although he tends to go over the top at times.  Fortunately, this is not one of those times (although it can be pretty damn funny – see drizzzzzzly raaaaaain!!).  The Higan Retour rock arrange sounds nice too, I’m looking forward to it.  I don’t have enough of those on my computer.

But it wouldn’t be an IOSYS album if it was consistently good throughout.  Over the years they’ve become a little notorious as a hit-and-miss circle as far as their Touhou arrange albums go and this is no exception.  I am really quite dubious about the merits of an a cappella barbershop arrange of Necro Fantasy and I’m not really in the mood to listen to the Marisa’s Graduation track at the end.  It’s too…sad and right now I’m feeling quite down.  That said, Albatrosicks is great for cheering you up when you feel down.

But enough of my woes, I’m looking forward to Reitaisai!  Is there anything in particular you’ll be looking forward to?


~ by Teabee on February 24, 2009.

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