To Aru Majutsu no Index – Recap

I haven’t written anything on this series in awhile, mainly because I was too lazy to do so.  Some blogger I am.  But anyway, the series is now over, having ended with a completely unresolved plot point about the Imaginary Numeral District, and the master of the Academy City’s grand plan.  I’ll admit, it wasn’t really a surprise to me that he turned out to be Aleister Crowley in the end, mainly because I had been reading the Wikipedia article about it and couldn’t erase such knowledge from my brain.  Sometimes I get the feeling people should be more careful about what they put on that site but there’s nothing I can do about it now.

So, anyway, looking back I think the series was pretty good.  The pacing, while a little slow, was nice and consistent throughout and I’ve discussed at length before how I really like the art and the concepts on which magic works in this universe.  The soundtrack was pleasant overall but nothing to write home about.  Special mention must go to both OPs for being incredibly awesome, I just can’t stop listening to them.  The one glaring flaw in the series was the Accelerator story arc.  The Misaka clone network was about the only thing that was interesting in that arc and there was a lot of unnecessary angsting from Biribiri.  It really left a bad taste in my mouth, although it was kinda cathartic when Touma beat the crap out of him.  That said, Accelerator definitely redeemed himself during the Last Order arc.

I have to admit that for a little while I had given up all hope of magic ever being a major plot point again but the end of the series really surprised me, what with Angel’s Fall and the golem rampaging all around the city.  That stuff was really cool.  Then there was Touma himself, our main hero.  What can be said about him?  Well for one, he doesn’t angst overmuch about his misfortune, which is always nice.  Considering the rate at which bad things happen to him it would not only be understandable but justified for him to get a little angry but he just brushes it off and presents a genuinely accepting and caring personality.  When he talks about saving people because he cares about them, it doesn’t sound like any bullshit about the power of friendship and teamwork that you see in other shows.  It’s his motivation rather than the source of his power.

Man, I’m rambling again.  I’d be surprised if any of this makes any sense whatsoever.  Long story short, Touma turned out to be quite a likeable individual.  Hell, I’d almost go so far as to say he earned the dating sim-like nature of his life but that would be giving any one human being far too much credit.

I will be watching for the second season, whenever it comes out, and To Aru Kagaku no Railgun with great anticipation.  JC Staff did a decent job.  Currently trying to make my way through Jigoku Shoujo (all 3 seasons) but expect Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo updates whenever I feel like it.  After that, I’ll see if I can follow a single series from the very beginning.  That would be pretty cool.


~ by Teabee on March 24, 2009.

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