Time for Sora Kake Girl!


It seems a group has finally decided to pick up the slack of subbing Sora Kake Girl.  By group I mean II-Subs, which is basically a bunch of anons from IIchan as far as I can tell.  Although their first release on Episode 10 had some timing and translation issues they’ve pulled together and put some really high quality subs out, at least by my standards.  No fancy tricks, no gimmicks, just straightforward translation.  I appreciate their hard work because Sora Kake Girl is just too kickass a series not to have anyone subbing.

As is my policy, I will try to talk around the plot as much as I can but I am lazy at heart and my brain is shot at 11:15 so consider yourselves warned.  Please do not expect too much.

Sunrise seems to be layering on the plot developments thick and fast, with the appearance of the box girl Hako-chan and her connection to both Nerval and the Shishidou family, which thus far remains a mystery.  It seems the forces of “evil” (we don’t have any real explanation yet of their motives for doing anything) have won these past few rounds by reclaiming an important prize and revealing that they have agents in high places indeed.  Parts are installed on Leopard.  Hilarity ensues.  I got to see more of my beloved Honoka so I am content.  Now enough of the stream of consciousness and on to the part that was most interesting about the past couple of episodes.

Akiha’s sister Nami has sat on the sidelines as nothing more than a meaningless minor character for over 10 episodes and while her modelling career is referenced several times as a point of envy for Akiha, she’s never really seen doing anything other than sitting around moping and drinking tea.  It’s good to know that Sunrise have not forgotten her; they have done a very good job so far of giving all the important characters equal treatment and there are so many of them, it’s no small feat.  Nami reminds me a bit of myself when I was younger, sure I wasn’t a top class model or born into a rich family but I am very familiar with the feeling that I’m being left out of the loop on something big and important that everyone else gets to be a part of.  With Akiha being the chosen one and all of the older sisters that Nami looks up to turning away from her and telling her she doesn’t need to know, suddenly the tables are turned and a person who has been special for practically their whole life is now insignificant.

There was a time when I would have given anything to be part of something special and it came as no surprise to me (in fact I started predicting it from Episode 10 onwards) that she aligned herself with the Nervalists.  We can see in episodes 10 and 11 the beginnings of considerable envy that may turn into outright hatred towards Akiha, in which case it won’t even matter that Nerval wants to destroy the world so long as he is opposing her in every way.  Although these sorts of ‘bitter friend traitors’ may seem like a really common archetype I haven’t seen many of them recently.  Those characters are of particular interest to me because I had a brother and even though he was younger than me, he barely got in trouble and I really felt overshadowed by him because of his achievements.  A higher standard was expected of me, although I feel less strongly about that now that I’m older.  As a result, I’m really excited to see how this grudge will pan out and whether or not Nami will come back or perish in a epic mecha battle.  Yeah I’m just gonna go ahead and predict that she’ll be piloting a QT-ARMS against Akiha at some point.

Apparently Sora Kake Girl is done by the geniuses behind Mai-HiME.  I’m expecting good things from this series, and so far it hasn’t disappointed.


~ by Teabee on March 26, 2009.

2 Responses to “Time for Sora Kake Girl!”

  1. Wow, I didn’t know you had a blog, Rabbit. lol

  2. Ehehe~ Why yes, yes I do.

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