K-On! Episode 1

I didn’t think it would be coming out so soon.  Although it is the first weekend of April so I suppose it’s to be expected.  K-On! is one of KyoAni’s new offerings for the March-May season about a group of girls who form a band despite the fact that none of them can play any instruments particularly well.  It was also a 4koma at some point, which is pretty cool.  I like 4komas.  I’ll be honest here, I’m already hooked on this anime after the first episode.  Between Yui’s general cloud cuckoolander-ness and the interplay between Mio and Ritsu I’m more than sufficiently entertained to continue watching the series.  The thing that really sold me was that Tsumugi plays keyboards in a rock band, and that’s awesome.  I could definitely get behind seeing more keyboardists outside goth and symphonic metal bands but then again some of the lighter bands that use keyboards on a regular basis don’t really do it for me so this could end up backfiring as well.  It all depends on how well they pull off the music but if the OP and ED are any indication it looks like the series is in good hands.

Another thing I like about this first episode is that there is no one designated airhead amongst the group.  Ritsu, Yui and Tsumugi are all different degrees of wacko, with Mio playing the designated straight character.  The fake flashback scene and Yui’s fevered imaginings of Krauser-san stopping her from quitting the club left that warm feeling in the bottom of my heart.  This is probably the most awesome first episode of any anime ever!  Not since the choco cornet scene in Lucky Star have I been so entranced for a single moment.  It was almost as if time stood still for a few seconds and I knew in my heart that I would be sticking with this series for better or worse until the end.  Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but K-On!’s got some potential.  Artwise, however, it’s nothing special and I found a few instances of QUALITY, especially near the beginning.  Nothing too big though.  I wonder what’s up with the turtles that seemed to be a bit of a recurring motif near the end.  Were they even a motif?  Maybe I’m reading too deeply into this.  It’s just a 4koma after all, right?  Right?

In other news, Sora Kake Girl 12 was pretty awesome.  More epic colony fights, but damn it seems like the Nervalists always win T_T.


~ by Teabee on April 4, 2009.

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