eXceed 3rd -JADE PENETRATE- Black Package

Holy crap this game is awesome.  I didn’t notice any of the music but this is Tennen Sozai, so I’m sure that the music will be similarly awesome.  The title screen theme is pretty awesome.  The bullet patterns?  Yup, they’re awesome.  They’ve even got names, like spellcards, that’s one of the things I always liked about Touhou and more STGs should do it.  The stage 2 boss Eriabel has an attack called Dimmu Borgir.  In the name of all that’s holy in this world, that is the greatest name for an attack ever.

There are, however, a few problems with the game.  First, the slowdown really kills my computer and I was able to 3cc this demo because of it.  I expected to get raped on the second level so I was quite surprised when I actually managed to beat the 3rd boss.  Must remember to bomb more, since there are no capture bonuses, it’s all good.  At least, that’s what I’d like to say but the truth is I haven’t looked at the scoring mechanics too closely yet.

I totally missed this when it came out at Comiket 75 and I wonder why.  Tennen-Sozai picked up the eXceed series from FLAT and since then its been one of my favorite series of STGs (for the record, eXceed wasn’t a bad game and actually had something I miss in VAMPIRE REX and JADE PENETRATE, multiple shot types.  It’s just that VAMPIRE REX was in every way an improvement over eXceed 2nd -VAMPIRE-.)  I think it was because I couldn’t get Black Package to work on my computer but for some reason AppLocale seems to be cooperating now.  Additionally I haven’t even tried out the original JADE PENETRATE yet so I need to do that as well.

So yeah.

EDIT: So I tried -JADE PENETRATE-.  Managed to 1cc Easy modo although Celestiar’s patterns really raped me in conjunction with a spontaneous failure of my keyboard to register bomb inputs.  Original mode kicks my ass, so I’m once again at an impasse where Easy is too easy and normal is too hard.  The only way out of something like that is practice.


~ by Teabee on April 17, 2009.

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