Time to take a breather

This is going to be a kinda scatterbrained entry so bear with me please.  I finally got through with the last of my formal courseworks for the year, this one counting for 13% of my grade.  I’m quite happy with how it turned out in the end and hopefully it will be good enough that the powers that be see fit to mark me high.  13% is a hell of a lot considering that 6% was another paper and the rest is divided evenly among my exams.  The problem question was an intellectual property one and I found the whole subject fascinating.  Doing the research and finally completing the paper with only an hour to go ’til the deadline really confirmed in my mind that I made the right choice when deciding what kind of path I want my life to take.  Copyrights, patents, passing off, design right…I just found it all really fascinating, you know?  It’s not something I think I could explain to someone who doesn’t study law but the subject clicked with me on a certain level.  So, with that out of the way I don’t have any more long term work to do save studying for exams and apply for summer internships, so as far as I’m concerned I don’t have any more coursework.  Until next year, of course.

I decided to celebrate yesterday by playing a little more eXceed 3rd.  I think I’ve run it enough times to come to a conclusion – it rocks pretty hard.  The music is that nice fusion of rock and electronica that I’ve always liked but never really found much of.  For some reason only STGs really do it and even then they don’t always.  Most games I’ve played go for straight up hard rock or electronica in their soundtracks.  The pacing’s nice and fast so I don’t get bored and the patterns are good fun, although a little simple for me after having played Touhou for almost half a year.  Yeah, eXceed 3rd -JADE PENETRATE- is a pretty good game and I would recommend it to people as an entry-level shmup.  Easy mode is pretty damn easy, the deathbomb timer is quite forgiving compared to Touhou and other games that don’t even have a deathbomb mechanic implemented, Raine Lindwurm is easy on the eyes, the patterns are pretty simple once you get the hang of them and the stages are great streaming practice.  Not to mention you get lots of lives, something that is panned by the really good shmup players but for a beginner it’s absolutely invaluable.  The progression from Stage 4 to Stage 5 wasn’t totally dead on though, and I let my guard down on my first playthrough only to have Celestia rape my face with a Life Spring Infinity style attack pattern.

By contrast, the Black Package is a bit harder and features more tricky patterns.  I’m not a big fan of having your shots auto-focus when you hold down the shoot button.  Was it really so hard for them to bind focus mode to the shift key?  I like that they brought back the charged super attack system from Vampire Rex; it’s not particularly overpowered and is in fact necessary for scoring high I think.  The other thing I dislike about the Black Package is that it totally rapes my computer.  I like to think it can handle most next-gen games on minimum graphics but for god’s sake 30 fps during boss patterns?  Either I need to get a new computer or Tennen-Sozai really needs to make their bullet patterns less hardware intensive.  Touhou manages to do the same level of density with the same level of graphics just fine, but then I guess that may just be a testament to ZUN’s abilities that he’s able to optimise his game that much.  Well, the full version isn’t coming out until Comiket 76 so I’m sure they’re working out the kinks as we speak.

So yeah, I’ll be playing this one for awhile and then start searching for a new shmup to try.  I’ve also started playing Mass Effect again recently; only ever got through the game as a Soldier so I think I’ll try Adept this time.  Biotics are cool.  Oh yeah, sociopathic Shephard is sociopathic.


~ by Teabee on April 23, 2009.

One Response to “Time to take a breather”

  1. eXceed 3rd sounds interesting. If the BGM is as good as you say it is, I would give it a try.

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