So very, very irritated

So I finally get the opportunity to play a game of 40k after so long.  Imagine my surprise when I run up against a Space Wolves army.  I learned a lot of things today.  Apparently they’ve been errata’ed so that they can take all the vehicles and Land Raider variants that are in the current Space Marine codex, which I suppose is fair enough.  I did however find myself staring down the barrel of two such Land Raiders and an absurdly powerful Wolf Lord in close combat with a unit of Wolf Guard Terminators that, in theory, I shouldn’t have had any trouble dealing with.  I later realised that I made several incredibly bad tactical mistakes that cost me the game – first I positioned myself poorly and allowed the Terminators to charge my Death Company on the first turn, which effectively negated their striking power, and got embroiled in a melee with a Grey Hunter squad that destroyed one of my Tactical Squads.  I had completely forgotten that Space Wolves could have numerous HQ choices, each one of them armed with a power weapon and a number of high strength attacks.  My positioning was completely wrong and I should have had my Tactical Squads absorb the charge so that my Death Company and Assault Squad could have counter-charged and broke them completely.

The rest I attribute to bad dice rolls.  Seriously, 5 turns of shooting at a Land Raider with multi-meltas, most of those producing penetrating hits and all I manage to do is stun the damn thing for a few turns before it destroys my attack bikes.  Really, really irritating.  On top of that I charged another Grey Hunter squad with a Rune Priest inside without thinking and forgot that Stormcaller allows them to butcher even my Assault Squads in close combat.  I really should have fired bolt pistol shots with my second Tactical Squad and charged them as well but I was blinded by frustration by that point and had them rapid fire their bolters instead, which may well have cost me the game by wiping out my troop choices.  In the end he had a Grey Hunter squad on his own objective (for Capture and Control) so I was forced to admit defeat.  His Wolf Scouts defeated an equal number of Tactical Marines in close combat with my power fist failing to hit anything.  My Dreadnought failed to hit anything.  He’s becoming a Death Company Dreadnought whenever I find the time to convert him.

It’s obvious that 1750 points is a very different game from 1500 and I need to adapt to the new options that are available.  I later found that I had short-changed myself on Death Company (I should have had 9 rather than 8), which is why it is always a good idea to have your codex and army list with you.  I wrote a new list for myself, replacing the Honour Guard I had been trying out with a Devastator Squad toting two Heavy Bolters and two Plasma Cannons, bringing my total forces up to a Company Captain with lightning claws and a jump pack, a Chaplain with a jump pack, 9 Death Company, 1 Assault Squad, 2 Tactical Squads with Rhinos, 2 squads of 2 Attack Bikes with multi-meltas, and the aforementioned Devastator Squad.  I have no doubt that this list is flexible and will be able to deal with a large number of different armies.  The meltaguns on the Tactical Squads added nothing to the army in this game, so I have gone against my better judgement (or perhaps it’s the internet’s better judgement since they helped me write this list) and decided to try plasma guns for added anti-infantry punch.  I can’t help but feel that the Dreadnought should be given a second chance as a Death Company Dreadnought though, and I wish there were a way to fit him in without compromising the build that I have basically come to terms with over the past two years.

I do not doubt that the Devastator Squad will win me more games.  I will have to try a list with the Furioso Dreadnought and see how it performs with respect to the rest of my army.  Perhaps I can drop some of the extra Death Company to loosen my dependence on them, or remove my Company Captain?  I don’t know.  The most fun option seems to be to give him a Drop Pod and have him run rampant through the enemy lines blowing up everything in his way with a meltagun and heavy flamer.  Yes, that does sound quite fun.


~ by Teabee on April 26, 2009.

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