K-On! Episode 5

It has come to my attention that I blogged last week’s episode as Episode 5, which is in fact this week’s one.  I apologise for the typo and it was corrected thanks to some of my astute readers, so let’s proceed with the REAL recap.

I kinda figured that old photo album of the previous Light Music Club was going to become an important plot point at some point in time, so it was nice to be proven right.  Quite honestly?  They couldn’t have picked a better person than Yamanaka-sensei to be their advisor.  Seriously she can do teeth picking!  That’s awesome.  Our Mugi-chan is also seeing yuri where it probably doesn’t exist.  Who knew?  On the other hand she doesn’t seem to regret it so much, unlike certain similar characters from another KyoAni slice of life show (must not see my friends in such a perverted way!).

I was quite tickled as well that KyoAni hadn’t quite worked the Mio moe rampage out of their system yet and so we get treated another extended dose of Mioservice, which is quite alright in my book.  Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your point of view) there wasn’t quite enough to fill a whole episode and some of the other girls got to do some pretty awesome stuff.  Though Ritsu may be the boke in this manzai routine of an anime you have to give her a degree of respect for having the guts to blackmail a teacher who is (at least according to Ritsu’s narration) quite popular and such a nice person.  Also, if you didn’t believe that Mugi’s solution to every problem was sweets before, there should be no doubt in your mind now.

Somehow, she’s right.


~ by Teabee on May 1, 2009.

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