Retribution of Scyrah Revealed

So those of you who care have probably seen it already, but I personally am very excited by the new Retribution of Scyrah book.  I’ve always had a soft spot for the fanatical religious forces in wargames, ever since I played Utawarerumono and saw the Av-Kamuy marching to war, so I imagine that this will be somewhat similar.  Things that will be cool about this book are the Myrmidon warjacks and elven warcasters.  Given their notable disdain for the blackpowder and other steampunk technology of the Iron Kingdoms it is interesting to see what kind of warcaster armour the Retribution will have access to, if any.  They may just generate magical forcefields.  I’d also love to see what kind of tactical theme they come up with; my guess is that they will play havoc with the internal synergies of other armies and really disrupt combined arms.  I really hope they’re not a glass cannon army like the Legion of Everblight; I don’t want to have to play two such factions and every other army is already represented in my group.  Plus fielding a Retribution army will give me a justifiable reason to field Eiryss (also known as the Soulless Elven Hooker) and Lanyssa Ryssyl, as well as possibly Cylena Raefyll and the Nyss Hunters, although it will be refreshing to paint Iosan elves for once instead of Nyss, and blighted Nyss at that.

I can already imagine what kind of complaints will arise as a result of the cover artwork.  If I’m not mistaken the guns the infantry are holding look suspiciously like Tau pulse rifles and if they’re any indication of the overall tech level of Ios, I’m pretty sure people are going to get angry.  Fans of certain settings in RPGs and wargames tend to guard what they see as the “look” and “feel” of their setting jealously, resulting in copious amounts of Fan Dumb.  It happened with Tau, which were dismissed as a cheap attempt to cash in on the anime craze and introducing a concept that was inconsistent with the rest of 40k – a young and dynamic race that would eventually outperform the Imperium.  I have a feeling our Retribution friends will not be well-received due to their pushing the IK towards the realm of sci-fi rather than steampunk.  Not to mention the aforementioned comparison to 40k Tau – Privateer Press has practically built its entire fanbase distinguishing itself from Games Workshop and incidents have happened with much less cause.  The shitstorm surrounding plastic Knights Exemplar Bastions comes to mind.

I, for one, welcome our new elven overlords.


~ by Teabee on May 7, 2009.

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