Miku Documentary

This was brought to my attention today.  Apparently tv asahi decided to do a short feature on Hatsune Miku and what her popularity means for the other Vocaloids and the voice synthesiser software section of the industry.  Take a look if you get the chance, I found it reasonably interesting as a person who listens to a lot of the Miku songs that get posted on Youtube and Nico Nico.  Heck they even do a bit on Tripshots and Ryo.  If you look carefully you can see the Black Rock Shooter figurine on top of his computer somewhere.

You know, when I first started surfing the web “seriously” (as in, looking for memes and crap like that) I was a real faggot and committed lots of faggotry that I wouldn’t think of doing now.  I guess now I’m older or nicer, or less angry.  But if you had shown me this five or so years ago I wouldn’t have given it a second thought as being real music.  I guess my outlook on life has changed a lot.  Half my normal playlist is composed of Touhou arrangements and the other half is anime trance remixes.  Who would’ve thought?  I mean, just because it isn’t done with real instruments doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful, right?

So, what’s your experience with trance and electronica?


~ by Teabee on May 14, 2009.

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