Sora Kake Girl – 15, 16, 17

Long time no see.  I’ve been busy with exam revision and other such indignities but even so, catching up on Sora Kake Girl felt really good.  To be honest, I felt the past few episodes have managed to keep things going at a nice steady pace with some pretty neat action scenes.  Sakura is so damn moe, I think I’m gonna die but I can’t do that yet because I’ve gotta pass these exams and keep playing Star Wars d20.  No, I can’t die just yet.  But really, how does Akiha understand what she’s saying at all?  She never seemed to have that ability before; but then again she never got to interact with Sakura for a long time until now.

The show continues to throw me curveballs at every turn, starting with Enigma being the jazz-themed tea house that we’ve seen in Akiha’s dreams and going all the way around the block.  Twice.  I can think of about a dozen ways that Kagura could have become ALEIDA but I can’t quite decide on what theory I want to go with yet.  On the other hand, I’m happy to have been right about Nami becoming a major antagonist for Akiha.  To be honest my feelings on the subject are quite conflicted.  It’s obvious that she’s an unstable bitch and now that she’s got a bit of power she decides that she can do whatever she wants.  She gave up on life and quit her job for reasons no one really knows, and basically betrayed humanity.  We’re supposed to hate her, I get that.  However her own family basically treated her like shit for no reason and all the friends she thought she had basically looked down on her so what can you expect?  Are we supposed to pity her?

We can’t all be strong like Akiha or have a single-minded commitment to a cause like Honoka or Itsuki, and we can’t simply hate people because they get in the way of our designated protagonists.  That’s why I can’t hate Nami even after everything she’s done and the unsympathetic portrayal she’s been given.  Those girls deserved everything they got and now they’re all in boxes.  We’re supposed to be disgusted at how petty she’s become but I don’t know a single person who wouldn’t have thoughts about righting the wrongs in their life if they were given half the chance.  Am I still making sense here?  Because I’m not really making sense to myself anymore.  I’m going to go drown myself in Sakura moe.


~ by Teabee on May 14, 2009.

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