So Hinagiku goes out shopping for ice cream and…


I was utterly shocked.  Could this be for real?  Am I just imagining it?  Somebody punch me in the face or something…wait, that won’t solve anything.  Somebody confirm whether this is a Touhou reference or not, or it will be tearing my brain to shreds all day!

That aside, yes, I did decide to start watching Hayate no Gotoku Season 2.  Episode 7 was rather interesting in the sense that they practically killed off half the relationships that Hayate was currently involved in while he was still taking the Tenchi option.  I can’t help but feel a sense of disappointment but at the end of the day I must remember that Maria and Hina, even in Season 1, were always side characters and don’t have a ghost of a chance even if we would wish otherwise.  As far as protagonist love interests go, I’d want one of them to win but it’s impossible now.  So, I will just have to accept it and enjoy the rest of the show for what it is – a comedy of errors where the left foot can’t see the right and hilarity is an everyday occurence.

After all, that’s what I love about Hayate no Gotoku.  Although the first season and I have a bit of a…troubled history.  At first I wasn’t so enthusiastic about the thought of a second one but it has been very well done so far in terms of visuals and the transition to a more story-driven comedy.  I think it’s a sign the show has evolved that they don’t focus so much on random gags and bleeped out references to other shows, subtly incorporating them into the flow of the story.  Then there’s Isumi.  God, Isumi.  A true goddess of moe.  A pity she isn’t getting more screentime but I think it’s better that way; it makes it that much sweeter when she actually appears on screen.

To top it all off, Norio Wakamoto as the Voice of the Heavens is still as awesome as ever.  Well I suppose I can look on the positive side.  Judging from next episode’s preview the potential for unresolved romantic tension with the two struck out side characters is still there so I can at least be happy with that.  Plus, Isumi is appearing!  See?  Every cloud has a silver lining.  Hell this is much better than watching some girl who tortures everyone around her with her talent for mahjong.


~ by Teabee on May 20, 2009.

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