K-On! Episode 8

Another week has come and gone, and another episode has been shown.  I didn’t like it as much as the previous ones, mainly because the series seems to have fallen into a comfortable formula and sees no need to up the ante anymore.  The Mio Moe Parade seems to have tapered off finally and it felt like Yui took the spotlight once again in terms of jokes.  Particularly jarring was the beginning where everyone got their class assignments and I was thinking to myself “please don’t be Kagami, please don’t be Kagami, please don’t be Kagami, please don’t be Kagami”.  But who am I kidding?  Of course Mio is going to be Kagami.  If I didn’t know better I’d just put Konata in place of Ritsu, Yui in place of Tsukasa and Miyuki in place of Mugi and we’d still have a pretty decent show.  In spite of what it seems like, I’m not raging at all and my overall opinion of the show hasn’t dropped as a result of this episode not being groundbreaking or anything.  I’m just making observations as a slice of life appreciator and as we all know, its got to be the straightlaced yet fragile one who gets put in a different class.  That’s just how it is.  Now, I will say no more on this subject and I’d be doing a disservice to both Kagami Yoshimizu and Kakifly by continually comparing K-On! to Lucky Star.  They’ve got nothing in common besides being adapted into animes by KyoAni.

I was really tickled by Ui’s reaction to seeing Yui dressed in a creepy animal costume, especially since it is a very realistic and natural response.  Truth is stranger than fiction, I guess.  In spite of Sawako’s growing obsession with making the Light Music Club cosplay I wouldn’t say she’s gone off the deep end just yet especially since she hasn’t busted out any truly insane costumes yet; you’ll have to do better than that Yamanaka-sensei.  Maid outfits don’t faze us in the slightest anymore!  No wait, is that Mio coming into the ro-HNNNNNNNNNNGH!!!  Followed by Mugi and her crazy girls love imagination.  I may have stated this already somewhere but I think the way it’s presented here is a refreshing change of pace from the normal luminescent blushing and bubbly backgrounds that normally get associated with this sort of thing.  With Mugi her expression just changes and you can immediately tell what she’s thinking.  I rather like that way of doing it.  I wouldn’t go so far as to say it should become the standard though, it’s just that it really fits Mugi’s understated personality.

To cap it all off, we have this little moment of zen:


I don’t get the joke with the ramen and dumplings but it sure was moe.  It’s like Mio has some kind of post traumatic stress related to the School Festival performance.  Actually I shouldn’t be surprised.  She’s been ruined for marriage after all. ;_;

As a side note, I didn’t even realise that the first episode of the new Haruhi came out today!  I mean, all it really is is an expanded Season 1 but it goes into some of the more interesting scenarios like Kyon travelling back in time.  I read an article on TV Tropes awhile ago that said Mikuru and Nagato actually begin to upstage Haruhi as the female leads because of the amount of character development they’ve received.  After watching this episode, I can believe it.  I welcome our new moe overlords.


~ by Teabee on May 22, 2009.

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