Beginnings of Summer Postings

Hey guys.  It has been a long time, hasn’t it?  Well, exams came and got in the way as I’m sure they did for all students and as a result no one has really had time to do any of the things they want to.  Take me for example, I’ve still got to pack my stuff into storage, pay my fees to the Solicitor’s Regulation Authority, pay the fee to change my booking for my flight back home…it’s all a boatload of fun.  It wouldn’t be so painful if it didn’t require so much money…still got to pay the deposit for where I’m going to live next year.

The world of anime seems to have ground to a semi-halt as well.  No new episode of K-On as of yet, so I’ve got to think of something else to talk about.  How about Yume Miru Kusuri?  Yeah, let’s talk about that.  Anyway it ate up a lot of my revision time after school ended and if I’m going to blame anything when my grades come out and they’re awful, it’s going to be this.  I have to admit I was skeptical at first when I read the summary for it on Wikipedia and it said that Yume is about problems faced by ordinary high schoolers because I don’t find that terribly interesting.  Hell, I was up to my ears in high school dramas when I lived in Kenya because those were quite literally the only movies that everyone could agree on when the family friends met and left the children to themselves.  My mother is Malaysian and hangs out with the Malaysian people.  The children of the Malaysian expats in Kenya were all girls.  You do the math.

So imagine my surprise when I found that the story was really quite interesting, if a little exaggerated compared to what people have to go through in real life.  I don’t think anyone gets away with quite as much shit as Kyoka did, especially with the whole permanent Bring Your Taser To School Day thing they had going on but at the same time I found myself really caring for the three girls and really disappointed when I couldn’t help everyone.  I guess there’s a bit of Shirou in all of us. It helped that the art and music were truly top notch, although my biggest gripe about the Peach Princess localisation was the editing.  The script drove me up the wall with how many spelling errors and hiccups in translation happened, especially on Mizuki’s route where they take considerable liberties on how interchangeable “Kagami” and “shonen” are.  When I compare this to the relatively few errors in Princess Waltz I found myself actually thinking that I would like to go back and read that again in spite of the hour-long fight scenes that would put Nasu to shame.  But then I remembered Reverse Trap Saber and how much I hate him/her.

Speaking of characters, I like how each one of them has their own personality quirk but it’s not played up to the point where it becomes annoying.  I think I would have lost sympathy for Aeka, for example, if she was any more insecure than she already was but ruf managed to walk the line between moe and overdone pretty well.  I don’t think I would have ever gotten tired of Cat Sidhe Nekoko’s drug-fuelled shenanigans though, even though I realised that she was a druggie and it was presented in a kinda sad way.  Which reminds me, the world of Yume is really fucked up, it’s like all the kids are just evil bastards and the adults are amazingly ineffectual.  I mean there are good people and they try to do good things but it can be a little jarring how they drop the hammer on you as far as morals go, and they drop it HARD.  By the end of it I think I had become a little desensitised to it, and even when it was suspiciously easy for seniors in high school to get cocaine I didn’t bat an eye.  For that matter, all of Mizuki’s route is kinda surreal.

Oh by the way, did I mention that I love the music?  I kinda wish there were a few more tracks though because they were used a little too often for my taste.  My absolute favorite would have to be Girls are Made of Frosting Cake.  I’ve got a week or so at home, I could probably learn that on the piano.  Also, I need to find something new to read.  Somebody recommend moar visual novels.


~ by Teabee on June 12, 2009.

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