K-On! Episode 11

Today’s topic is officially Deus Ex Mugi.  But that wouldn’t be much of a topic so instead we’re going to talk a little bit about drama.  By now you all know about the sudden mood whiplashing that was going on in this episode and the fanbase has acted in a predictable manner, with opinions running the gamut from “it was inconsistent with a slice-of-life show and wasn’t done very well” to “K-On! now officially sucks”.  We saw it with Kannagi; any attempt to introduce drama into a comedy anime generally fails because it yanks the whole premise of the show from underneath it.  Unsurprisingly I’m in neither camp; I felt that the drama helped to bring things into focus – how important Mio’s friendship is to Ritsu and how each one of them is an important member of the band even if they may not feel like it.  It was also a bit of a subversion of the usual serious and self-confident character who is secretly lonely on the inside (cf. Kagami from Lucky Star) in that it wasn’t Mio like one would logically assume but Ritsu who is actually dependent on the group.  I felt Azusa really came into her own in this episode and started to work as a member of the band rather than just the newcomer (she even put on the cat ears willingly!  It’s not cosplay rape anymore!  Azu-nyaaaaaaaan~!) and even Sawa-chan got a moment in the spotlight when she finally cracked the whip.  K-On wouldn’t be half as interesting if characters had only one aspect to their personality.  In the end, the characters can definitely get things done.

Of course I’d be lying if I didn’t say the drama was a bit jarring but it’s not like it ruined the whole series or anything.  In the end it wasn’t even drama at all and mostly a misunderstanding that lead to Yui sleeping next to Ritsu for no apparent reason in a true return to form.  Hell, at the height of the drama we always have Sawa-chan to break the tension with her tragic backstory.  Its been a pretty fun ride so I’m looking forward to seeing how this anime will end.

I leave you now with your moment of zen:

Cargo shipping?  Or just out-of-context quoting?

Cargo shipping? Or just out-of-context quoting?


~ by Teabee on June 13, 2009.

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