Weekly Assorted Thoughts

Haven’t really done much over the past week or so.  Had to go to Kenya to see the family, and now I’ll be moving on to Mauritius to do some summer internship work.  I really feel like my entire future is in question sometimes, what with my exams not really going the way I wanted them to and all…  Oh, it recently came to my attention that this post has got ahold of what I said about K-On and picked it apart like there was no tomorrow.  That’s fine with me, though I occasionally wonder how people are able to find stuff that I’ve written on the wide, wide world of the internet.  I think the internet is a big enough place that you should be able to find a huge number of sources for any kind of work you want to do, so did what I say really stand out so much as being silly or contradictory?  I can’t say that I was angry about it; mostly bewildered that I could have attracted any attention whatsoever.  As I said before, I don’t really consider myself a serious anime blogger at all and most of the “reviews” I do of episodes/series/games/whatever is just me rambling on about the topic for however long I care to.  I don’t take the time to edit what I’ve said and rarely do I take a position that could be considered tenable under any sort of scrutiny.  I would say it was a job well done, by a much better blogger than I, but my points were probably never a solid, objective evaluation of what I was watching in the first place.

I started watching Maria Holic today, and I was reasonably entertained.  I suppose you could say I started watching it for the same reason most people started watching it – the trap.  That’s all I really have to say about it at the moment.  The rest of my time was spent playing Super Robot Wars OG2.  Damn, my mind is starting to trail off at the moment, with my emotional state being a mixture of confusion, sadness and anxiety.  How does one handle situations like these?

~ by Teabee on June 24, 2009.

One Response to “Weekly Assorted Thoughts”

  1. If it makes you feel any better, my sample selection method was clicking on the K-on! tag and picking from the first few pages of results. Yours was far from the worst of the responses I read and certainly head and shoulders above some of the stuff out there, but I stand by what said insofar as K-on! being horrible and I hope you take it to heart. Maria Holic is a much better show by the way, it’s genuinely funny at points and rarely takes itself seriously. Feel free to leave a comment on the article if you want to defend your views or otherwise respond, God knows I could use the traffic.

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