PERIOD (Deathsmiles ending)

Deathsmiles has a really good ending theme.  It’s beautiful and fits well with the closing video; and I’ve always wanted to know what the lyrics were so that I could enjoy the song even if I couldn’t enjoy the game *curses lack of 360*.  I looked for awhile and couldn’t find them, so it was rather fortunate that my brother had learned enough Japanese to attempt a transliteration.  While I can’t confirm the accuracy of the romanisation or the translation, it makes sense to me aside from a few awkward points.  So, for all of you who are like me and have wanted to be able to sing PERIOD, well…I’d say this is as good a place as any to start.

hiraku na michi nado
iyasuragi hima nado
ari wa shinai

tatoe na kiseki koso ga
otona eto michibite kureru
mono kawaru kono todonai
kono sekai wa ni BIRIODO tsui kimete
soshite kimi wa waratta na
sekai mo mukae nareru darou

koko ni ii oto
ichidou wa kimeta jibun ga iru mashiyou da to
omoete itta keredo
betsu na tobira wo hiraete mitakatta

ima konno sekai ga jibun wo hitsuyo to shite ii yo toro
mayou koto ni magiri wa oh~ sude meite susunde yukou

eiyou to suru mono wa miete kuru nara
douchi ni ushinau mono mo miete kuru~
ima wa miezu to mo mirai de
mieru kotae todoke emi itsumo

mou kawaru koto no nai
kono sekai wa ni muri odo tsugumete
soshite kimi wa warai nagara
sekai ni mo mukae nare darou

The open road
and peaceful leisure time
no longer exist.

Even if a chance miracle
should lead to adulthood,
things will change within these centuries.
In this world, a period was suddenly decided
and then surely you begin to smile
and so will the world.

Here a pleasant exists
For once the self I decided to become, might be of benefit
or so i thought;
but I opened tried to open a different door.

Now, I feel that it would be nice if I were needed by this world.
Oh, I can already see the signs of me hesistatingly wading through as I advance.

Even if I find things that seem to offer nourishment,
at the same time I’ll find things that will disappear.
Now, without seeing the future,
a tangible answer will always smile on us.

Of things that can no longer be changed,
this world in which I narrowly shut my mouth.
And while you laugh,
I will surely begin to head towards the world


~ by Teabee on July 5, 2009.

2 Responses to “PERIOD (Deathsmiles ending)”

  1. Thank you very much

  2. PLEAAAASE , PLEAAASEEEE , Can you Make the japanese lyric translation , of the song , Mad Symphony ????? , i really love the game , i cant find this song , please , is for mi halloween video , if you can do it , Thank you very much

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