Comiket 76

Hey guys.  Been awhile, hasn’t it?  Well I won’t make excuses for why I haven’t been able to blog much over the past several weeks but it has something to do with the summer placement that I’m currently involved in, and the fact that whenever I come back from work I just don’t feel like writing anything either.  I haven’t been following Canaan as closely as I promised either…

Well, I finally feel like writing about something so let’s talk about Comiket.  It’s just around the corner after all, and with it comes the full release of Touhou 12: Undefined Fantastic Object.  If you’re like me, you’re probably excited about that as well as the new fighting game that’s coming down the pipe from Tasogare Frontier.  I wonder what is the significance of it being Touhou 12.3?  Oh well, at least we’re getting new characters in the form of Cirno, Sanae and Hong Meiling, so it will be worth checking out just for them.  After they alienated competitive players (apparently) with the decidedly “non-competitive” Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, can Tasofro bounce back and reclaim their rightful glory?  Well personally, I’m not terribly competitive so I won’t be in the best position to judge the state of that particular community.

The other thing I checked out once I remembered C76 was the IOSYS website for their new album, as they inevitably release, and to be honest this one has come the closest to making me sad.  It doesn’t even have any of the things I used to like about IOSYS arrange CDs, no zany happy hardcore tracks, no hard rock that they do so well usually, none of their traditional lineup either.  Instead it’s mostly a guest arrangement album with some standout tracks by Tsukasa and REDAliCE (naturally).  Club Ibuki in Break All sounds interesting too, so I’ll have to listen to the full version when I can get my hands on it.  All in all, I’m not terribly enthusiastic about the upcoming IOSYS album which is a first.  The PVs especially make me sad – I wonder what prompted them to stop using locker room productions.

The other side-album, the 4-track one sounds kinda nice though.  Also standing in contrast is the Albatrosicks album Star Cracker, which sounds quite good, with a heavy serving of rock and electro stuff, so I’m really looking forward to it.  miko is starting to rely a lot less on distortion tricks now, which I’m liking as well.  When I listened to it, it restored my faith in humanity, but then again Albatrosicks tends to do that with their songs and lyrics, at least for me.

I need something else to smile about.  What are you looking forward to from Comiket 76?



~ by Teabee on August 8, 2009.

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