Bureaucracy, or how the worst day ever turned into the best

Let me tell you about the worst day I have had in recent memory.  I woke up at 8:30 yesterday.  This in and of itself would not have been terrible except for the fact that I was supposed to wake up at 6:00 in order to get ready for an appointment that I had at 9:40 to have my biometrics taken, for which I had to arrive half an hour early and which would take me over an hour to get to by train.  After much agonising over the decision, I decided to go for it anyway and as it turned out, they didn’t mind so much and just had me wait in line with the other applicants.  So, the moral of the story: never give up, stop worrying, and comply with bureaucracy to the best of your abilities here in the UK.

So, worst day ever.  The bright side to it all was that I got to go to the London MCM Expo and see all the lovely, lovely toys.  Playing Bayonetta was pretty awesome, and I managed to meet holy of 2D Emotion, also known as the webmaster of DoujinStyle.  He’s a pretty cool guy.  Some of the cosplay was not nearly as bad as I was expecting either although in the UK military and sci-fi dressup has always been of higher quality than anime stuff.  The thing is, you need to start with your expectations low; cosplay here in the UK will never exceed or even begin to approach the elite-quality stuff they have in Japan and the rest of East Asia, so why agonise over it?  Just appreciate the effort they put in (in most cases) and be content with finding the one or two that are legitimately good.

My only regret is that the photo I took of Al-Azif was so terrible.  I thought the cosplay was quite good too.  If you’re out there, I can only say that I’m sorry.  There was also an impressive Enma Ai; no doubt she took part in the exhibition that I wasn’t able to get a ticket to go see.  Should’ve taken a photo of her when I had the chance.

It’s true what they say.  These conventions exhaust you in all sorts of ways.  Well, after that we had a pretty good session of Star Wars d20.  More mind rape ensued.  I’ll have to tell you the mind rape story one of these days; it’s a classic crit-fail story.

You can find the album here.


~ by Teabee on October 25, 2009.

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