Of Super Robot Wars, Galaxy Angel, and Life Experiences

Hey there, everyone.  Long time no see.  The reasons for my absence are manifold and I won’t go into them here.  Suffice to say life has been pretty difficult as of late and I haven’t felt like writing anything down at all.  I did, however, get to do two things.  The first was play a lot of Super Robot Wars games.  The second was play the English translation of Galaxy Angel.  As I’m sure people who have played the game before can probably attest to, I fell in love after my first playthrough.

Then I combined the two together in a massive display of fan faggotry and decided to speculate on what would happen if the first Galaxy Angel game were to be adapted to Super Robot Wars.  For the sake of this hypothetical situation, I worked on a few assumptions:

  • Galaxy Angel would be an acceptable series to include in Super Robot Wars.  The definition of “mecha” covers all sorts of mechanical objects but its common sense usage refers only to humanoid mechanical fighting machines.  Tekkaman Blade falls within the accepted definition of mecha but I highly doubt that Galaxy Angel, a series consisting entirely of planes and spaceships, would.  Aircraft do appear but only in support roles where mecha are the primary feature of the series.
  • The Emblem Frames are capable of atmospheric flight.  In the first game there are no atmospheric battles so we have no idea whether they can actually fly on their own power but it seems rather silly to suggest that the crown jewels of Lost Technology would not be able to.
  • Um.  Well, that’s pretty much it.

So obviously, the Emblem Frames would be planes.  There’s no way around this.  It would be impossible for them to land of their own free will.  Well, maybe if a squad system was being used then they would land if grouped with land-based units.  Size-wise, they’d probably rank as S or SS; the Emblem Frames are not particularly big, but then they don’t need to be.  Probably C ranking on the ground and D in water, but A for Air and Space (if not an S for Space).  High mobility but low armour, as is customary for planes and Real robots, even those that happen to have Super robot elements.  In-game, the Emblem Frames are shown to be capable of taking a fairly large amount of missiles to the face before going down so it’s not entirely unreasonable to suggest that they be given more HP than regular planes.  About 3000-4000 would put them on par with the Macross Variable Fighters as seen in the Alpha series, which is basically what I’m drawing on as a reference here.

As for unique features on each Frame, there probably wouldn’t be that many.  Energy shield on the Lucky Star and definitely a repair ability on the Harvester.  To be honest, I don’t know if all the Emblem Frames got energy shields but for the sake of practicality it might be easier to just apply that to all of them – it would give the Happy Trigger in particular a bit more survivability since, if we wanted to be accurate, it’s not nearly as quick or agile as the others and would probably just get shot down.

Now here comes the main problem: the attacks that each unit has.  The Emblem Frames, individually, don’t have that many weapons.  The Lucky Star has its missiles, plus the Hyper Cannon.  Trick Master has its Fliers but not much else that I could see.  Happy Trigger has enough armament that we could scrape together at least 3 or 4 attacks, and Kung-Fu Fighter would probably be able to do 2 attacks – Machineguns and Missiles, with the Anchor Claws being its super move.  Let’s not even talk about the Harvester, which has only missiles and pretty weak ones at that.  Sounds like they should really be used as squad filler, right? Each unit’s weapons are described at the very beginning of the game.  Disregard this part, I suck cocks.

What I would do is try to build in internal synergies, in the form of combo attacks like those used by the Aestivalises from Martian Successor Nadesico.  A series of original maneuvers designed in conjunction with BROCCOLI would really help round out their moveset.  Then incorporate two separate levels of Will powerups – one at 120 which allows them to use their special moves (Hyper Cannon, Anchor Claw, Flier Dance, Strike Burst, Repair Wave) and one at 140 which allows them to use their final, winged forms, increasing all of their stats in a similar fashion to the Zero system.  I would also make it so that each Emblem Frame could be reloaded by any unit with the proper skill but could also resupply by moving adjacent to the Elsior and executing the proper command, with the Elsior itself able to repair and resupply.

I haven’t really thought much about the pilots and their skills yet.  I imagine in terms of Squad Leader bonuses, Millefeulle’s would probably be an increase in the money earned per kill, as is customary for very lucky characters.  Ranpha and Mint are a bit harder to deal with, I’d probably give them something like speed or hit/evade rate increases.  Forte would probably have one of the bonuses usually associated with characters who are effective commanders and squad leaders in their respective series’, namely an increase to squad damage or to Platoon Attack damage (if we’re talking about the Tri system used in Z), thus giving players a reason to use Forte when the enemy is at close quarters.  Vanilla’s is pretty easy; +50% to HP and EN recovery.

I imagine the Elsior will be one of the weaker battleships in SRW, given how much damage it takes from regular enemies in the game itself, but it would at the same time be essential to supporting the Moon Angel Wing and making sure they don’t run out of energy mid-way.  The addition of the Chrono Break Cannon would probably help somewhat but I couldn’t really imagine it as anything other than a big fat repair bitch and I mean that in the nicest way possible.  Tact’s Squad Leader Bonus would probably be a buff to the Emblem Frames when they’re within a certain distance, in addition to other skills like Command.

Now, at the risk of being controversial, I would have their theme music be “Emblem Frames soaring through space” rather than Eternal Love.  Save that for when they go into hyper mode and it will seem all the more awesome.

Fan faggotry over.  Sometimes you just gotta get it out of your system, you know?

Oh, and I’ve started playing EVE Online.  It’s pretty fun.  Gotten a little tired of the Touhou fandom so I don’t know how much more I’ll be writing about that.


~ by Teabee on May 4, 2010.

3 Responses to “Of Super Robot Wars, Galaxy Angel, and Life Experiences”

  1. EVE is pay to play, yes?

  2. It’s pay to play but you can also pay through in-game items that extend your subscription for 30 days. These cost upwards of 350,000,000 ISK where the average income of a starting player who does mining is around 1,000,000 ISK per hour. Given the restrictions on piloting ships larger than Cruiser class on a trial account I’m not sure that you can ever make enough money to pay for your subscription solely on Licence Extensions as a newbie.

  3. But at least it’s free. I would rather play it free.

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