I am not very consistent with my updates, am I?  My only excuse for my long absence is that I have been going through a lot of personal troubles and only now does it seem like my life is actually getting back on track.  I have started watching more anime, playing a lot more video games and, overall, I think the time is right for me to return to writing about the things I really like.

First thing’s first, I am no longer based in the UK.  My university education has come to an end and I am now out in the working world.  As of December I will be moving to Mauritius to take up new employment.  What this means is that the focus of my blog will change too – there will be less wargaming-related entries since I will no longer have the steady stream of opponents and weekly matches that I used to.  Nor will there be many roleplaying entries regarding my current campaign as I have had to abandon that as well in the process of moving.  I may still do features on roleplaying generally but without the benefit of practical experience to test my viewpoints I will probably be writing fewer.

Personal rants will probably be kept to a minimum as well from now on.  I have IRC for if I want to bitch about my life.

So essentially, my focus here will be all things fiction and I will reaffirm my commitment, here and now, to always looking on the bright side of life.  Trying to find the things that make even bad stories somewhat enjoyable.  Trying to find out what was done right rather than what was done wrong or, if I don’t, then at least say how I would have done things differently.  I reaffirm my commitment to constructive criticism, constructive writing.

Welcome to the new world.  It isn’t so different from the old.


~ by Teabee on November 11, 2010.

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