Black Rock Shooter is a metaphor for domestic abuse

I don’t think Black Rock Shooter is especially well written.  The choice of the bird with many colors for a theme makes Mato’s thought processes seem like a child several years younger and doesn’t seem to be that well-woven into the plot.  I do not know what its purpose was, except to give Mato and Yomi some common ground.  Overall, I think that it drags the narrative down.

What is good about the series compared to the OVA is the addition of more fight scenes and an actual explanation (or so I hope) of why Black Gold Saw exists at all.  I like the art, I would describe it as “daring” and somewhat reminiscent of Escher, whom I like.  The designs of Strength and Dead Master are improved somewhat from how I recall them looking in the OVA and I suppose with more episodes they will have more time to flesh out the developing relationships between characters.  Which, for me, means more hot lesbian soap opera.  It’s a win-win situation.

So far, though, the greatest thing about the series so far is its inclusion of Cagalli/Chariot.  Her relationship with Yomi is a phenomenal gold mine of drama and plunges the series off the deep end into some kind of soap opera plot that affords me endless enjoyment from schadenfreude.  If it wasn’t already clear in the first episode, the second one left no doubts in my mind that the relationship between Yomi and Cagalli is one giant metaphor for domestic abuse.

Don’t get me wrong.  Spousal abuse is a terrible thing and should not be tolerated.  For me this series has been elevated to a guilty pleasure of sorts where I derive a twisted form of amusement from Yomi’s suffering simply because of how thickly they lather on the symbolism.  Between the psychological torment, the cutting, the use of guilt and blame, the only thing that is missing is Yomi telling Mato that she fell down some stairs or tripped and hit the doorknob.

It seems like they’re finally tying the physical world and the other world together now.  I wonder how long before Mato actually meets Black Rock Shooter.


~ by Teabee on February 10, 2012.

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