Now is a good time to be me, or how I finally caved and watched Nyarlko-san

I knew what I was getting into from the beginning.  Let’s just say that in spite of what the packaging says, Nyarlko-san is a romantic comedy through and through, built around heavy amounts of slapstick.  There is one thing, no actually, two things that are keeping me going at the moment.  The first is that I like slapstick.  The premise itself is nothing new, and I know better than to expect anything that takes Mythos lore seriously to be accepted by the mainstream.

The second is that the author does not seem to shy away from throwing in references and his (her?) tastes mirror some of my own.  For example, I have been a fan of tabletop RPGs for a long time as my regular readers will know, so SAN points was a stroke of brilliance.  What really sealed the deal for me was the generous helping of Gundam references lying around.  I admit that so far, it has been good for a few laughs and the actress they got to play the titular heroine seems to have just the right kind of voice to play those hyperactive types and not pop about 13 blood vessels in my brain every time she opens her mouth.  It’s something of a balance between classy and high-pitched, and it works.  The world could use more ladies like her behind the mic.

So, inspired by the hit of Nyarlko-san, I decided to check out Jormungandr since it caught my eye during the promo blitz.  So far I haven’t gotten very deep into the first episode.  I just couldn’t help but stare at the CGI F-22 Raptor that was flying across my screen.  Oh yeah, now really is a good time to be me.

Until next time,

Let’s nya~!


~ by Teabee on April 18, 2012.

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