Jormungand and Other Things

Before I start this post, a minor tangent.  I randomly stumbled upon the Exit Trance mix of Hikari no Senritsu, otherwise known as the OP for So Ra No Wo To.  I actually enjoyed it quite a bit, which is not something I say about many Exit Trance songs.  I used to like their anime mixes, at least for the first few albums, but after that their arrangements became incredibly unimaginative.  Anyway, credit where credit is due, they can come up with some good stuff on occasion.

Now then for the main topic of discussion.  Jormungand is one of those animes that defied my expectations.  When I first saw it on the preview charts, I understood the premise to be about a kid who hates arms dealers and a woman who happens to be an arms dealer, so I scoffed.  Oh goodie, I thought, another anvilicious anti-war anime fresh out of Japan.  It was only later, when I actually decided to give it a whirl since I had nothing better to do, that I realised that I was not only mistaken but that not that many anti-war animes have come out of Japan in recent times.  Nobody really talks about the subject.  From my limited knowledge, those days are gone.  For the record, I do not oppose anti-war themes in fiction.  I oppose fiction that sets out to actively promote an agenda in an entirely unsubtle way.  It pisses me off, since I consume fiction to escape from reality rather than be dragged back into it.  My true views on war are ambiguous.  As far as you know.

I appreciated the level of detail that went into the weapon systems and the real life aspects of Jormungand, particularly the bits where English was involved.  They didn’t have to type out a fully drafted sales and purchase contract but they did.  Aside from that, the series continues to confound me because I cannot think of any other specific reasons as to why I enjoyed it, only that I did.  I guess liked the spread of characters and personalities, from Lehm the level-headed Delta operator who keeps even his boss in check, to Mao the family man, to Lutz who keeps getting shot in the ass.  I thought the action sequences were pretty neat, but I could name a single thing that I liked about them and they were pretty short in any event.  I liked the more dramatic tone, as it is rather hard to find a serious modern day military anime.  The most recent offering has been a moe slice of life series about guns.  Bah, I say.  Bah, humbug.

It was also nice that the mangaka didn’t take the easy route and demonize America over everything, even if he did fall back on the tired, well-tread path of the evil CIA agents.  Can’t have everything in life I guess.  I will have to give the manga a spin before I offer anymore thoughts and stay in my lane for the moment.

Nevertheless, the private security industry does offer some interesting material for fanfiction.  I’ll have to consider it.


~ by Teabee on July 23, 2012.

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