Legion-related Opening Move Simulations

Begin turn one.  Deployment zone of 10″ on a 4×4′ board, which = 48×48″, which leaves a minimum of a 28″ no-mans land.  With an 11″ charge range on the Shredders that leaves me with a maximum of 2 turns marching or 1 turn running, assuming that the enemy’s main assault units are also moving towards me.  With a 6″ move my Seraph should be in range by turn 3, so it would probably be in my interest to hang back a bit with the Seraph and not deploy directly on the line.  Lylyth should probably sit at the edge of the board and walk so that the beasts are on the edge of her control range.  The Carnivean should probably deploy more forward as well and have Tenacity and Spiny Growth cast on him for DEF 12 and ARM 21 as I get closer in case I have to receive the charge.  That would be 1 Fury on the Shredder and 2 off Lylyth, meaning a net loss of 1.  Turn one I can drop all my fury and have 4/5 beasts run, and then have 3 run on Turn 2, with the Seraph and Striders shooting as the rest advance.

It seems like a solid battle plan but it’s much harder to pull off in practice, especially against the Circle who can out-trick me at every turn, especially in the hands of our incredibly capable Circle player.  It’s good that my thoughts are on paper though, at least for the moment.  I could even have Lylyth hang back further with the Shepherd managing my beasts for me and directing the targets of their frenzy.

Corners Chapter 3 is currently in progress, it should be done within the next few days.


~ by Teabee on November 6, 2008.

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